A team of international researchers from the VERIFY project has carried out a comparative analysis of the emission of the three main greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide, methane and laughing gas - resulting from the agriculture, forestry and other land uses (AFOLU) sector in Europe.


Figure 1 : Photography of deforestation by Han Dolman


This analysis has been published in ESSD. VERIFY Team has compiled, quantified, and assessed more than 25 years of measurements and national reports. Our intention by sharing this new information is to bring attention to the large uncertainties remaining in land-use activities – particularly in agriculture and forestry – and in land-derived emissions. As the EU develops policies and procedures to limit its greenhouse gases, in particular emissions, these uncertainties in land sources will prove challenging. Based on this careful initial evaluation, we intend to compile and share regular annual updates.

The press release from VU Amsterdam University can be found here.