In an effort to measure in-situ effective atmospheric proxy/ffCO2 ratios, two mobile measurement stations will be used to sample atmospheric trace gas concentrations in close proximity to specific sources.

Source sector-dominated measurements allow us to estimate in-situ "real air" proxy/ffCO2 ratios with higher certainty. We will focus on domestic heating (campaign planned for February 2020) and road traffic (campaign planned for May 2020). The trailers will soon contain the in-situ measurement laboratories. They will each be equipped with in-situ instruments for CO2, CO and NOx as well as a flask sampler and meteorology sensors. Multiple sampling lines will sample from a telescope mast reaching up to 10 meters in height. The entire trailer is air conditioned to allow high-precision measurements. Each trailer also has the infrastrecture to accomodate mobile total column instruments (EM27 and Skyspec) on its roof.


Figure 1 : One of the VERIFY mobile measurement stations