The objectives of VERIFY are:

Objective 1. Integrate the efforts between the research community, national inventory compilers, operational centres in Europe, and international organisations towards the definition of future international standards for the verification of GHG emissions and sinks based on independent observation.

Objective 2. Enhance the current observation and modelling ability to accurately and transparently quantify the sinks and sources of GHGs in the land-use sector for the tracking of land-based mitigation activities.

Objective 3. Develop new research approaches to monitor anthropogenic GHG emissions in support of the EU commitment to reduce its GHG emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to the year 1990.

Objective 4. Produce periodic scientific syntheses of observation-based GHG balance of EU countries and practical policy-oriented assessments of GHG emission trends, and apply these methodologies to other countries.



Objectives of VERIFY