Ressources available from the Verify Thredds server


VERIFY aims:

  • at facilitating the cooperation between the national inventories agencies and the climate scientific community,
  • at developping a serie of products listed bellow.
1 Regional details of GHG anthropogenic emissions and sinks across the EU, on a 10 km grid for bottom-up models and 50 km for top-down inversions, with full documentation on algorithms and uncertainties.
2 Attribution of GHG fluxes in the land-use sector to management (fertilisers use, forest management, agricultural practices) versus climate drivers (climate change, rising CO2 and nitrogen deposition).
3 Annually updated observation-based national GHG budgets of the EU countries for CO2, CH4 and N2O.
4 Annual synthesis and reconciliation of the GHG budgets of EU countries between observation-based estimates and UNFCCC inventories performed with representatives of national inventory agencies.
5 Full documentation, system requirements, and implementation recommendations to operationalise the methodology of the project for the routine update of GHG budgets verified by independent observations.
6 Synthesis of observation-based estimates and UNFCCC GHG budgets for China, US, Indonesia, performed with foreign academic and institutional partners, based on methodologies from the project.